How to use IKEA planner

People try to come up with ideas for their dream home. They want to be able to plan the ideal house that is complete in everything and even has the right place for any IKEA furniture in it. That’s why IKEA planner is made for, to provide the right ideas of what is going to be the end result of your floor plan or the room that is being constructed or redecorated.

IKEA furnishing app makes it easy to design the interior of your home with its drag and drop features and for that you don’t have to read difficult manuals or follow user guide step by step. You won’t need any special skills or experience in interior decor. This means that you don’t have to be a professional designer and now you are able to create your dream house design by yourself within minutes.

Although IKEA planner doesn’t require any exceptional skills as it was mentioned before, however this article is making it easier for beginners to start working with IKEA interior design app. So now is the best time to start!

First you need to download this app from Google Play app store.

Open downloaded home design app in your device and start creating your masterpiece. For using this IKEA home design app, you don’t have to sign up or log in. Your created projects will be saved automatically in your device and if you feel lack of inspiration or ideas you can continue it later.

Swedish Home Design 3D






To start creating your floor plan or redecorating your room with IKEA furniture, you can start making a new project by pressing round button or select already created template.

Swedish Home Design 3D

Start your design from scratch

Let’s say that you decided to create you interior design from scratch – press ,,New project,,. While you are making a floor plan you are working in 2D mode, later on, when you want to evaluate your results, select 3D mode. Now you can feel like you are real architect and here you can select any shape of room simply by drag and drop function. Move the room to the different position by clicking on it and dragging. Split and drag walls while holding the corners of the room to different preferable positions in order to give the desired shape to your room. IKEA planner allows you to give separate names for different rooms and change the height of walls, simply click on the wall and choose the “painting brush” button on the top of the screen, which appears and allows you to change the size, texture and color. To get the best result use your metric system which you can change in settings.

Swedish Home Design 3D Swedish Home Design 3D Swedish Home Design 3D

Place the cube item from the “Rooms” section to 2D screen, change design, shape and color of the cube in all the creative ways you want.

IKEA planner Swedish Home Design 3D


Once you are done with floor plan you can start constructing doors and windows that your house would be cozy, nice and comfortable to stay in.

Choose any kind of windows, doors, arches, stairs, roof, columns, garage gates, fences, partitions, columns from the “Construction” library. Add construction items by dragging and dropping them to any desired place on your already created floor plan. Change items’ texture, color and size by pressing on it and select the “painting brush”.

While you are doing constructions and all decoration, use ’’Pin’’ button that allows to navigate the items’ library in easier way. Every time you want to add new item, you’ll have to select library over again, while ’’Pin’’ button allows you to hitch the library and it stays open. This means that you don’t have to select libraries over again.

Swedish Home Design 3D Swedish Home Design 3D

Decorating your rooms

This is the best and most interesting part where you can finally decorate your created home. This will look like a simple and exciting game to you, but at the same time you are improving your skills as interior designer and furnishing your rooms with real IKEA furniture. That’s why this app is amazing for, because after you finish your design, you can make it real by simply going to IKEA and buying furniture that you have already chosen in the app.

Let’s start from ”Interior” library and there you’ll find furniture, electric appliances and misc items to fully decorate your house. Here you’ll find beds, sofas, tables, wardrobes and even plants. Choose most favorite items by simply dragging and dropping them to any place you want. You are able to rotate, duplicate, change the color and texture of selected items. If you want to do that, you just have to press on the item. By the way, if you want to be more concrete, we suggest you to use a ruler, which you’ll find in setting.

Once you are done with interior. Let’s get to ’’Exterior’’ library and decorate outdoor with different kinds of items, such as: lawns, garden furniture, garage and even a pool.

.Swedish Home Design 3D Swedish Home Design 3D Swedish Home Design 3D

To see the best result of your design, turn on 3D mode.

Swedish Home Design 3D 3D mode in Swedish Home Design 3D app

Libraries of items

When you start using this IKEA interior decor app, you have a possibility to select free items from libraries, but there are not as many things as you’d like to have. We suggest you to get full access to all items in libraries and then you can free your imagination with lots of various and better looking furniture from IKEA. To get it you just have to press on the item which is locked.

Swedish Home Design 3D Swedish Home Design 3D


Share your created house design!

This is the last part of of your amazing and exciting work, so now it’s time for results to be shown to your friends, family or partners. Congratulations!

IKEA planner IKEA planner IKEA planner IKEA planner IKEA planner

Press vertical ellipsis button on the right corner of your device and choose the way how you want to show your project to others. Let everyone look at your designed house, even if you present it to partners, family, friends, or maybe you’ll inspire someone to become an interior designer.

Now, let’s go to IKEA and buy these amazing furniture that you have decorated your house with!

Share your project. Swedish Home Design 3D